RECAP – 2017

Happy new year! I am shocked we are well into the second week of 2018. It's ridiculous to think this last year was something I had looked forward to right after my engagement in 2016, and now it's already come and gone! 2017 brought a lot of unexpected surprises and blessings for Phil and I. After getting engaged, the world kind of flipped upside down for a while. Keep reading for a recap of 2017 and scroll through some of my highlights from the past year!

January - February

New Years 2017 was celebrated in Old Town Alexandria, so fun!

Caught the snow in Massachusetts and went snow boarding and skiing

Began planning The Bixby Lane

March - May

Phil landed an amazing job that was closer to both our families, so we made a big decision to leave the East coast. I left my micro apartment behind so we could move in together in Colorado. This was my first and only place I lived by myself and it was so much fun to decorate it all!

June - August

Found the perfect venue for our April wedding

Found the perfect venue for our April wedding

But I can't reveal too much! 😉

But I can't reveal too much 😉

Started The Bixby Lane blog after moving across the country!

Explored Denver and went to our first Rockies game

Went to my future sis-in-law's graduation, whoop whoop!

Loved all the shops in Seattle! (Especially Molly Moon's for their homemade ice cream. A double scoop of honey lavender and earl grey will change your life!)

Went to Alaska for a quick trip, but got really sick so we weren't able to be very adventurous

Explored Colorado through hikes and road trips

Went to a gorgeous wedding in Napa Valley

Went to a gorgeous wedding in Napa Valley

Asked all my favorite ladies to be my bridesmaids

Asked all of my favorite ladies to be my bridesmaids

Successfully found my dream wedding dress!

Celebrated my birthday in Colorado and danced the night away 💃🏻

September - November

Baked all my favorites into Fall 🍁

Celebrated my brother's wedding - now I have a sister!

Shocked all of Denver by having the tallest bridal party! Pretty sure everyone thought we were Amazons! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Finished off the year buying our first Christmas tree then celebrating with my family in California!

How would you describe 2017?

Summarizing all the highlights from this year I would say 2017 could be best described as my year of marriage and change. There was quite a bit of upheaval when moving to Colorado and that put a lot of strain on my creative juices. In addition to all the moving and acclimating, I also began planning my wedding…from a few states away! It was a really challenging year, but so worth it!

What’s the best thing I did this year?

Top 5 Moments?

1. Celebrating my brother and his wife at their beautiful wedding

2. Moving closer to home and the adventures Phil and I had on our cross country trip

3. Starting The Bixby Lane and landing my first social event

4. Moving to Colorado and exploring

5. Celebrating Christmas with my fiancé for the last time until we’re married

What the future holds?

I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures will begin this year. I appreciate each and every one of my lovely readers that take even the briefest of moments to catch up on my blog. Going into 2018 I am just trying to live my best life everyday and be true to myself. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and not putting so much pressure on myself to be ‘perfect’ are the real goals this year. Here’s to you guys and seeing what we can achieve in 2018!