How did y’all meet?

Phil and I had been dating for two years before he set up the proposal. The funny thing is, we knew of each other long before we ever started dating. It all started in college when I was a freshman and Phil was a sophomore. We briefly spoke at a party that year, but didn’t actually begin dating until two years later!

Fast forward to post college, we moved all the way to the East coast. Phil got a job near Baltimore while I lived and worked in Washington DC. (You can see a pic of my micro apartment here.) For almost two years we commuted an average of about 300 hours just so we could be together. Yet, in large part, most of the major holidays were spent apart. Phil would fly home to his family and I to mine. That was until Christmas of 2016!

Did I know?

Absolutely not! I had my suspicions that he was preparing sooner or later, but I had no idea my life was going to change that Christmas. Phil had already done a lot of the ground work before we boarded the plane that winter. He told me early that fall he would like to spent Christmas with me and my family. I was a little surprised he didn’t want to go home, but little did I know what the actual plan would be until later. Without me knowing, he asked my parents for their blessing and even designed my wedding ring from scratch! So by the time we landed in California I was unknowingly falling into each meticulously planned step.

How could you NOT know?

The setup for how Phil would propose happened long before that day he knelt down with a ring; my mom had built in a fail safe just in case I didn’t go along with the plan. She explained that a package was missing, but UPS would be delivering it close to Christmas Eve and I couldn’t be home during that time. Sounds so crazy that I actually fell for that excuse, but hey, I really enjoy Christmas surprises! Besides it’s a good thing she fabricated that excuse, because that evening all I wanted to do was take a nap!

After a lot of fuss and sleepy grumbling she and Phil got me successfully out of the house. I had no idea what was going on or where Phil and I could kill time while the “package” was being delivered. He suggested we go on my favorite drive that has walk up beaches. I obliged but thought to myself I would just glance at the ocean through the windshield since it was so windy and cold!

Once we arrived Phil kept looking around and kept commenting on how many people there were watching the sunset. By now you’re probably thinking, “How could you not know?!” The honest answer is, I don’t know haha! Phil asked me to get out of the car and take photos with him, but I refused. (So embarrassing now!) I could see all the tourists standing nearby looking miserable in the cold and wind trying to take photos in front of the disappearing sun. I did not want to suffer the same pain they were all so clearly enduring. However, Phil would not give up!


As I stepped out of the car Phil offered his hand to steady me as we walked down the rocks to a small private beach. Before we made it to the beach, I could hear him begin to talk about how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life by my side. As Phil continued his proposal the wind took me by surprise; my hair was tangled and wrapped around my face. For a brief moment I let go of his hand to brush all the hair away and look at him, but by the time I turned around he was already on one knee propping open a tiny little box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. “Will you marry me Jessica?” I’m not sure what unintelligible sound I made because it was something between a spontaneous cry, gasp, and “yes”!

I have been smiling and laughing to myself since I began writing this post! There are stories we all love telling. My proposal story is definitely one of those! I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since that incredible day. This post marks the beginning of my wedding series! I’ll be doing my best to keep y’all updated on the wedding, as well as, including little nuggets of knowledge to help out you fellow brides-to-be! Stay tuned for more!